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STAK Enterprises has developed the HydroCheck line of products for the home that prevent damage caused by water. These are smart devices that are capable of detecting when water is about to go where it isn't supposed to, and stops it from going there. No water, no damage.

STAK has products for every part of the home where damage is most likely to happen: the basement, the laundry room and the kitchen.

For the basement and crawl spaces, we have 4 different models of HydroCheck Electronic Pump Switches, one to fit your exact needs. All of them are so easy to install you won't need to call a plumber to do it, and they work with any brand of pump: Flotec, Simer, Wayne, Rigid, etc., so you don't have to worry if you're pump will work with our switch. And, since they're all electronic with no moving parts, they are without question the most reliable switch you can get - period! We offer 4 different models of our switch, all with Limited Lifetime Warranties:

HC8000 Sump Pump Switch - for sump pits that collect ground water from around the home's foundation. Save energy and extend the life of your pump by reducing its number of on/off cycles.

HC7000 Utility Pump Switch - for automating the on/off control of utility pumps, so you don't have to be there to turn the pump on and off. (Note: Most utility pumps do not come with a control switch)

HC6000 Hi-Lo Pump Switch - with its two sensors, this switch gives you precise control of when your pump turns on and when it turns off. Great for homes with high water tables where it doesn't make sense to empty the pit every cycle. Save energy by running the pump only for as long as needs to!

HC5000 Sewage Pump Switch - for pits that collect water from washing machines, toilets, showers, etc. Use this switch to replace the float on your ejector pump and you won't even have to open the pit to make the repair!

For the laundry room we have the WasherWatcher, which will prevent the utility tub from overflowing and flooding the laundry room and everything around it, and below it.

For the kitchen we have the WaterWatcher, which can shut off the dishwasher or any other appliance if it begins to leak.



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