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STAK Enterprises, Inc. is a small, family owned business that specializes in the design and manufacture of products that PREVENT water damage. Each product in the company's product line was created because the water problem was experienced by the company's owners. Their response was to creatively engineer and patent a safe, reliable, easy, and inexpensive solution to each problem.

STAK Enterprises, Inc's mission is to deliver products that go beyond just alerting the consumer of a water problem after it has occurred, but to develop products that actually prevent the damage from occurring in the first place. The company does all of its design in-house to insure that every product meets its high standards for reliability, functionality, low cost and ease of use. Every product undergoes rigorous testing and evaluation and bears the Underwriter's Laboratories mark of safety in the United States and Canada. STAK Enterprises, Inc is a member in good standing with the Illinois Better Business Bureau.