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STAK Enterprises' HydroCheck Model HC5000 Sewage Pump switches are "electronic float" switches that are specially designed to work with ejector/lift station pumps. The sensor is designed so that it won't be affected by chemicals or waste in the sewage pit. And, because it is electronic, there are no moving parts that can seize up or fail. See ("Why Pumps Fail") . And it works with all brands of pumps, like Flotec, Simer, Wayne, Ace-in-the-Hole, Rigid, etc.


Simple Installation
The HydroCheck Model HC5000 Sewage Pump Switch has a single sensor and a control module. Installation is simple and doesn't require any changes to your plumbing. The control module is plugged into a 120 VAC outlet and the pump gets plugged directly into the control module. The sensor gets lowered into the pit at the level where you want the pump to turn on. Note that the sensor is very sensitive and should not be allowed to touch anything else in the pit that might cause it to get a false signal that the water level has reached it. View the Installation Instructions for more information.

How the Sensor Works
The sensor senses water by measuring the resistance between it and the grounded pump motor. When the water is below the sensor the resistance is very high (Figure 1), but when water reaches the tip of the sensor, the resistance is relatively low (Figure 2).

When the sensor detects the low resistance from the water, it triggers the control module to turn the pump on. Once the water drops below the sensor, it has no affect on the control of the pump until the next cycle.

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What the Control Module Does
Once the sensor triggers the pump to turn on, the control module will run the pump until it looses suction. It knows when this happens by monitoring the motor current and looking for the current level to drop when the pump transitions from pumping water to pumping air. To be able to do this reliably every time it turns on, the Model HC5000 Sewage Pump Switch needs a minimum runtime of 5 seconds. In other words, once the pump turns on, there should be enough water to be pumped that it will take at least five seconds to pump it all out.

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Alarms and Indicators
The Model HC5000 Sewage Pump Switch has a number of built in alarms that warn of problems with the pump or discharge plumbing. The available alarms are described in the table below. Note that the alarms can be disabled by following the steps below:

  1. Unplug pump from control module.
  2. Lift sensor out of water.
  3. Unplug control module from 120 VAC outlet. Wait 10 seconds.
  4. Plug control module back into outlet. Wait 10 seconds.
  5. Unplug control module from 120 VAC outlet. Wait 10 seconds.
  6. Plug control module back into outlet. Wait 10 seconds.
  7. Plug pump back into control module
  8. Place sensor back into water
Possible Causes
2 Beeps Can't turn pump on
  • Pump not plugged in
  • Float piggy-back plug not disconnected
  • Float switch not secured in "on" position (internally wired float switch)
3 Beeps High Level Alarm
  • Pump can't keep up with water coming in
  • Discharge plumbing blocked
  • Debris on sensor
Steady Slow Beep Motor current above normal
  • High motor current
Steady Fast Beep Motor current too high
  • Very high motor current
Steady Red LED Pump off, no water detected  
Flashing Red LED Pump off, no water detected, switch in short cycle mode
  • If, during the first Calibration cycle, the switch does not detect the drop in motor current indicating an empty pit, it defaults to a 6 second cycle time to protect the pump motor from being run dry
Steady Green LED Pump on, water detected by sensor
  • If this condition exists for more than 30 seconds the high-level alarm will be sounded
Slow Flashing Green LED Pump on, water below sensor, Timed cycle  
Fast Flashing Green LED Pump on, water below sensor, Calibration cycle  

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120 VAC
Minimum Current
2.5 Amps
Maximum Current
14 Amps
Minimum Run Time
5 Seconds
Maximum Run Time
Sensor Cable Length
12 ft
Indoor Use Only

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