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STAK Enterprises has developed the HydroCheck family of electronic pump switches that replace unreliable mechanical float switches in all types of applications, including sump pits and sewage pits, and for all brands of pumps. But, these controllers are more than just pump switches. They all have built in alarms, including a high water alarm, that will alert you if the water is coming in faster than the pump can pump it out, or if the discharge pipe is blocked, preventing the water from discharging. All the HydroCheck switches use electronic sensors, which have no moving parts, so they don't have all the problems associated with mechanical float switches. And, all of our pump switches are easy to install, and don't require any special tools, changes to your plumbing, or special skills. So, whether it is for replacing a failed float switch or for getting ahead of the game and replacing the float before it fails, STAK has the right pump switch for you! Use the selection guide below to help figure out which switch is best for you.


Meet the Family of Electronic Pump Switches

Model HC8000 Sump Pump Switch - $74.69*
Sump Pump ControllerThe HydroCheck HC8000 pump switch is designed to work in typical sump pits that collect ground water from the drain tiles around your home's foundation. It is very simple to install and is fully automatic so it doesn't require any complicated setup. Get more info......




Model HC7000 Utility Pump Switch - $74.69*
Utility Pump switchThe HydroCheck HC7000 pump switch is specifically designed to work with utility pumps when draining standing water from your basement floor, crawl space, or any flat surface where water tends to collect. Utility pumps, like Flotec's® Tempest® pump, can pump water down to as little as 3/16" but they don't normally come with a float switch which automatically turns the pump on and off. And standard mechanical float switches need 6: to 12" to operate. But our HydroCheck HC7000 Utility Pump Switch can operate in as little as 1/2" of water, and automatically turns the pump on when it detects water, and turns the pump off when all the water has been pumped out. It also works great with Laundry Tub Pumps. Get more info......


Model HC6000 Hi-Lo Pump Switch - $75.49*
Hi-Lo Pump switchThe HydroCheck HC6000 pump switch is designed for those applications where you need to precisely control the levels where the pump turns on and off. The HC6000 Hi-Lo Pump Switch has two sensors that are used to set these levels based on your application. This switch is particularly useful where the water table is high and it doesn't make sense to try and empty the pit every cycle. Or, the pit is large and it takes longer than 90 seconds to empty it. It is also a good replacement for the Simer® SSS-11 swtich. Get more info......



Model HC5000 Sewage Pump Switch - $79.88*
Ejector Pump switchThe HydroCheck HC5000 pumpswitch is designed to work in sewage pits that collect water from laundry tubs, toilets, water softeners, etc. It has a single sensor that is specially designed not to get fouled or locked-up by floating waste. Get more info......



* Plus Shipping & Handling


Which Electronic Pump Switch Is Right For You?
Sump pump in ground
water or grey water pit
HC8000 Electronic Sump Pump Switch

Set sensor so pit takes at least 5 seconds to empty.

Water should be free of solids.

Switch will leave 1-2 inches
of water in pit to keep pump primed.

Utility pump on flat surface or laundry tub pump

HC7000 Electronic Utility Pump Switch

Water should be free of solids

Pump will turn on only when water is detected.

Pump placed on floor or shallow pit.

Pump runs until suction is lost.

Sump pump in large pit, high water table, special application HC6000 Electronic Hi-Lo Pump Switch

No maximum or minimum runtime required.

Set one sensor low, where pump is to turn off.

Set other sensor high, where pump is to turn on.

Water should be free of solids.

Sewage pump in ejector pit or lift station with solids, paper and other materials in water HC5000 Electronic Sewage Pump Switch

Set sensor so it is placed below
water inlet.

Set sensor so pit takes at least 5 seconds to empty.

Switch will leave 1-2 inches of water in pit to keep pump primed.

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