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Hi-Lo Pump ControllerSTAK Enterprises' HydroCheck Model HC4000 Tank Level Controller is designed to control the level of water in a tank between maximum and minimum levels. This type of control is useful in maintaining water levels in aquariums, landscaping ponds, waterfalls, water sculptures, etc. The HC4000 has two sensors which control the high fill point and the low fill point, as described in greater detail below. And it works with all brands of pumps, like Flotec, Simer, Wayne, Ace-in-the-Hole, Rigid, etc.


Simple Installation

The HydroCheck Model HC4000 Tank Level Controller has two sensors and a control module. Installation is simple and straight forward. The control module is plugged into a 120 VAC outlet and the pump gets plugged directly into the control module. Place one sensor in the tank at the minimum water lever and the other sensor higher in the pit at the maximum fill level. The Model HC4000 controller doesn't care which sensor is the upper sensor, and which one is the lower sensor. It figures that out automatically so the operation of the pump is always correct. View the Installation Instructions for more information.


How the Tank Level Controller Works
The setting of the sensors determine when the control module turns the pump on, and when it turns it off. Following the sequence below, the operation is as follows:

1. When both sensors are detecting water, the pump is off
2. When the water drops between the two sensors the pump stays off
3. When neither sensor is detecting water, the pump is turned on
4. The pump stays on while the water is between the sensors
5. The pump is turned off when the water reaches the top sensor

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120 VAC
Minimum Current
Maximum Current
14 Amps
Minimum Run Time
Maximum Run Time
Sensor Cable Length
12 ft
Indoor Use Only

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