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Your laundry tub overflowed onto the floor. Unless, of course, you have the WasherWatcher.

The WasherWatcher is designed to prevent water damage from ever happening by shutting off the power to your washing machine when the water level in the laundry tub gets too high. After you correct the problem and reset the switch, the controller starts the washer back up again so it can finish the wash cycle. It’s that simple. No mess. No cleanup. No maintenance.

The WasherWatcher works with all washing machines and is easy to hookup. Simply plug the control module into the grounded 115 VAC utility outlet, secure the sensor to the discharge hose with a tie wrap, and plug your washer’s power cord into the control module. The WasherWatcher’s LED light will turn red and an alarm will sound when a potential flooding condition exists.

Key Product Features:

  • Prevents water damage caused by overflowing laundry tubs
  • Can be used with laundry tubs, standpipes or wall boxes
  • Eliminates flooding by shutting off washer when sensor detects water level is too high
  • Keeps the washer off until the problem is corrected and the switch is reset
  • Works with all washing machines
  • Plugs into a grounded 115 VAC utility outlet
  • Fully automatic—failsafe operation- no maintenance
  • Alarm sounds until water starts to drop
  • Simple hookup—plug in control module, attach sensor to discharge hose, and plug washer into control module
  • Comes with 6' sensor cable
  • CUL Listed






WasherWatcher Brochure

Download "WasherWatcher" Installation Instructions (PDF)