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The WaterWatcher is versatile in its ability to prevent water disasters. Its floor sensor is very sensitive and can detect many types of liquid (soap, pop, milk, and condensate from dehumidifiers).

When it does detect liquid where it's not supposed to be, the WaterWatcher's control module can turn off whatever is leaking. Like the inlet valve to the water cooler, the dishwasher, the washing machine, or the solenoid valve to the automatic coffee maker in your home or office, just to name a few. If a problem is detected, the WaterWatcher will NOT automatically reset itself. It will only reset itself after you unplug it and plug it back in once the problem has been resolved. A "low cost" solution to avoid a "high cost" problem!

It's Easy to Install!

Plug the WaterWatcher into a 115 VAC outlet, place the sensor on the floor, plug the appliance that needs to be turned off into the WaterWatcher control module 'n Go! It's that simple.


Key Product Features:

  • Prevent Water Damage
  • Reliable Microprocessor Technology
  • Audible Alarm
  • Signal Light
  • Turns Appliance OFF
  • No Batteries to Replace
  • Works In a Home Setting
  • Works in a Commercial Setting
  • Comes with 12' sensor cable
  • UL Listed



Download Water Watcher Installation (PDF)